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Engineering and Technology Institute

Contact number: +7(4842) 56-35-81

Address: room 309, building 2, 26, Stepan Razin str., Kaluga.


The Head of the Institute is Sergey Krivov 

Dean's office: room 311, Building 2, 26, Stepan Razin str., Telephone number +7 (4842) 565-105

The intramural education methodologist is Lyudmila Danilova

The extramural education methodologist is Tatiana Gulkina

The Institute was established in 2012 on the basis of two faculties): Physics and Mathematics (founded in 1948) and Engineering and Pedagogics (it received the faculty status in 1991). Today, about 1,000 students study in the Institute in 10 fields of intramural and extramural education forms. The institute is one of the largest at the university.

The Institute closely cooperates with secondary schools, technical schools and colleges in Kaluga and the region. Contracts on cooperation and practical training of students are concluded with various enterprises and institutions.

New fields of training and master’s programmes have been opened recently: Design, Architecture, State and Municipal Administration, master's degree programme in Economics. Active research is conducted by teachers and students. The educational facilities of the Institute of Physics and Technology are constantly improving.

The students of the Institute are characterized by high creative activity, participation in various festivals and contests, amateur concert parties and other events held at the university. The Institute is the leader of many sporting events.

Several thousands of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Drafting, and Technology teachers have been trained by the faculties and the Institute for the time of their work. Specialists in Economics and Management, specialists for transport enterprises and enterprises of restaurant business and public catering have been trained for the national economy. Many graduates in the field of quality management work as heads of departments and laboratories for quality in industrial enterprises.

The largest number of students of the institute are studying in the field of "Information Systems and Technologies" which is today a priority area of training in the Russian Federation.

Today the Institute offers 10 bachelor’s degree programmes and 4 master’s degree programmes.