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The Institute of Natural Science

Address: room 222, building 1, 26, Stepan Razin str., Kaluga


Telephone number: +7(4842) 56-21-59

The Head of the Institute is Tatiana Viktorovna Konstantinova

The Institute of Natural Science, the largest structural department of Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University, is the same age as the University. It originated on the basis of the faculty of Biology and Chemistry and traces its history back to 1948.

New specialties have been opened at the Institute of Natural Science In recent years to train doctors, chemists, land surveyors, teachers of Geography and English, a new profile opens as a part of the training course “Biology – Biomedicine”.

Training is carried out by highly qualified staff: professors and associate professors. The Institute has organized research laboratories in the main fields of educational activities, which are widely known not only in Russia, but also abroad.

At the Institute of Natural Science, post-graduate studies continue their work in the following fields: Genetics, Radiobiology, Ecology, Geography, Chemistry Teaching Methods.

The Institute departments actively cooperate with leading universities of both Russia and foreign countries. Teachers, post-graduate students and students actively present the results of experimental work, participating in International congresses, All-Russian and University conferences, seminars and competitions.

Practical and academic training as well as internship and externship play an important role in the educational process of students of the Institute of Natural Science.

Since 2004, the Institute of Natural Science has established cooperation with a number of countries in South-East Asia. Agreements have been concluded with the Laos National University and the International University of Cambodia. Scientific expeditions and internship take place in Laos and Cambodia under the guidance of teachers.

Since 2012, the specialty “General Medicine” has been implemented at the Institute of Natural Science. A simulation center has been created at the Institute of Natural Science, up-grated with the latest equipment that simulates clinical situations with high accuracy. Future doctors work out the basic skills needed in their profession on the modern simulators, and then they will pass the primary accreditation to receive a specialist’s degree certificate.

The students of our Institute are able not only to study, but also to relax. They take an active part in university-wide festivals, have a rest at sea, successfully present the Institute of Natural Science in sports competitions.

The diploma of the Institute of Natural Science is recognized not only in Kaluga region, but also far beyond its borders. Among graduates there are many people who have achieved success in professional, entrepreneurial and political activities who do not lose contact with the Institute.